Why We’re The Best People To Help With Your Small Business Growth Plan


As a business growth consultants, we’re here to support you and your business through growth periods, and assist you with your small business growth plan. As a part of this, we are committed to building a long-term relationship with each and every client, which is based on trust and achieving results.

The team has years of professional experience which has allowed us to hone in on and develop over 50 unique and proven business growth methods that truly work for small and medium-sized businesses. We pride ourselves on these methods being simple to use with a step-by-step playbook format, helping you to get the most out of them as easily as possible.

So, why should you pick Chrysalis Partners South to help with your small business growth plan? Well, firstly you need to know that each one of our clients will relieve their own dedicated senior business coach to help them through their plan. And, their coach is supported by an even wider network who can come together and use their skills and experience to help your business. All of our coaches share their industry-specific knowledge with each other. This enables the whole team to tailor their methods to suit each small business that they work with. Furthermore, all of our partners come from a whole range of professional backgrounds. This includes ex-CEOs, chairmen and board members, strategy experts for blue-chip companies, design execs, managing directors of franchise operations, senior business partners, finance specialists and many more… Just think of how these professionals could help you to thrive!

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If that wasn’t enough, with Chrysalis Partners South, you’ll get your own access to our big network of highly experienced professionals. This network includes everyone from HR experts, accountants, cost-reduction specialists, solicitors, web developers, wealth managers, and more. So, we have someone on hand with the right experience to help you, whatever your needs may be.

Here at Chrysalis, we are passionate about building relationships that are beneficial for you. We have a broad range of services that are designed to suit everyone and small businesses of all types. As a result, we offer everything from simple advisory services to the more hands-on development of marketing and sales materials. Whatever your small business growth plan may entail, our proven methods are always the same at their core. We know what works best and how to apply it to your business. Above all, you are always in complete control, so you can utilise our knowledge and support for as long as you wish.

So, whether your business is well-established, or you’re just starting out with growth, why not get in touch with us now for a free, no-obligation discussion. You’ll be able to see how our methods can deliver rapid growth for your business, whatever you may do. Simply call us on 01403 339573 or get in touch via our website.



For us, the TEAM is US AND YOU. It’s never just us. This is what we think sets us apart from anyone else that can assist you with your small business growth plan!

We’re dedicated to working very closely with each of our clients, ensuring that we get the right results for them. And, we always strive to develop a team ethos. We believe that this nurtures the ideal environment to ensure that your business benefits from rapid growth and long term success, whatever it may be that you do.

What’s more, we’re proud of the connections we have developed with skilled coaches from all around the UK. Every single one of our coaches is incredibly experienced, and they cover a full range of sectors and industries. This wealth of practical knowledge means that our team will always be able to develop solutions that are completely tailored to your individual challenges when running a small business.

With Chrysalis, we can guarantee that you and your business will always receive personal attention from the same senior partner. And, alongside this, you’ll benefit from the experience and capabilities of the wider team and network! Wondering what truly sets us apart from others who can help with a small business growth plan? We want to see you succeed, and will use our extensive network to help you do so!


When helping you with your small business growth plan, we have over 50 tried and tested methods. These methods are proven to really work and bring effective results across a wide range of industries. They include everything from hardware, distribution and video hosting, to software, engineering, bid writing, electric vehicle charging, printing, accountancy, retail, and many, many more…

But don’t just take our word for it. Here is just a small selection of the amazing feedback we’ve received from our customers:

I had been aware of the strength a business coach can bring to a business and after spending a couple of hours with Graham, I knew that the time had come to get him on board as our coach. He has already started working on additional income streams for us and has demonstrated a number of simple strategies to increase sales through our business.

In addition, he has helped us develop a sales training plan for our engineers, to give them the confidence to contribute to our growth as well.
The Chrysalis materials are really well structured and I’m looking forward to working with Graham and moving our business to the next level.

David Rowe, Director at 3MG Fire Protection

I engaged with Graham from Chrysalis Partners to help drive our sales and marketing activities and since the start of the process, I have been delighted with the changes he has made in a very short time.

He has implemented a number of new long-term strategies and helped us identify areas that we were able to strengthen in no time at all using his knowledge and experience. Having Graham working alongside us is a real asset to our business and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.

Howard Wiseman, Managing Director at Wiseman London

Working with Chrysalis helped to give me a new perspective on my business. The business had been running for 18 years and sales had declined and we needed outside help. I was happy to use Chrysalis because their approach covered working across my whole business and brought new ideas to my attention.

Within just 2-3 months we saw monthly sales increases of 20%! I would have no hesitation in recommending Chrysalis to other businesses

Mark Perry, Owner of Ultimate Hair & Beauty Supplies


graham garman

Graham brings over 25 years of business management experience from across a wide spectrum of businesses to help you with your small business growth plan. He has plenty of skill and expertise in turning loss into profit, delivering significant sales growth, as well as a considerable performance history of leading and mentoring teams to enhance their capabilities and help them attain their goals. His communication style ensures he can engage across all audiences.

Graham thrives on seeing businesses he has guided and supported achieving growth in sales and profit, operating efficiently and effectively to fully realise their potential. He is passionate about supporting business owners to help shape the business they have worked so hard for and invested so much time in, to give them the lifestyle and flexibility they deserve.

Whether it’s building for growth or planning for an efficient exit strategy, Graham will work with you to plan and ensure you meet your goals.

Other than working, Graham enjoys travelling, the countryside, motorsport and other sporting events, most notably horse racing with the bonus of Epsom Downs being right on his doorstep!

Based in the South of England, Graham will personally provide your business with coaching or consulting services. His coverage includes Surrey, Hampshire, London, Berkshire, Kent and East and West Sussex.



We are proud of our hybrid model of coaching and consulting when it comes to developing a small business growth plan. Our unique method ensures that we have programs to suit every budget and every type of small business. Whatever your needs, aims, and goals are, we’re here to help you along that road.

With us, you can benefit from support on a regular and ongoing basis, or receive help on specific projects or plans that you’ve identified. It’s completely up to you and your business growth needs. We’re here for you.

No matter which approach is the best fit for you and your business, we use the same fully-defined and proven methodologies to help you get there. They are written as simple to use, step-by-step guides that truly deliver effective results.

Our unique guides cover the full spectrum of marketing and sales strategies that can and should be implemented within your small business growth plan. Plus, all of our guides feature strategies with no or low implementation costs. If that wasn’t enough, we also ensure that our guides are supported by workshops and our sophisticated techniques for improving business operations across the board. This means that you get the whole package for business growth!


  • GETTING TO KNOW YOU. Firstly, we will have an initial ‘discovery’ consultation to find out how you work. This will help us to understand your overall goals and objectives for your business and your plan.

  • PLANNING AHEAD. Next, we will work with you to put a small business growth plan in place to help you reach your goals. We’ll collaborate with you and your team to decide which strategies would have the biggest impact on your business, both immediately and over a longer term.

  • IMPLEMENTATION. Once your plan is in place, we’ll use our proven methods to start developing and tailoring the materials and processes to your business, implementing these in the agreed order. We will keep in regular contact with you and your team to monitor the success we’re seeing, modifying the components along the way to maximise the effectiveness of the plan.

  • SYSTEMS. In addition to the strategies we put in place to help you along with your small business growth plan, we will also implement the appropriate processes to ensure your business runs smoothly.  It’s imperative that the infrastructure exists to support growth, and that your business is effective whether you are present or not. A key aim of ours is to systemise the business to give you more time to work on overall strategy or achieve the work-life balance you deserve.

  • RESULTS. We implement a small number of strategies at any one time to ensure that we know what has worked well for your business and what needs adjustment. Everything is tested, measured and then optimised – this can make a huge difference to the improvement in growth rate that you’ll see!

    At regular intervals, we will assess progress against the initial benchmark performance and your goals. Then, we can even set further stretch targets if we’ve exceeded your ambitions for business growth.

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